E@scribo Digital Handwriting Device

It is a solution fully developed (hardware and software) from an Italian team.

With E@scribo you can write and sign a paper document and get an electronic copy in real time by e-mail or wi-fi.

It allows companies and organisations to have the original paper document completed by handwriting and signed with pen and, at the same time, one or more copies stored in the office or anywhere.

It reduces paper, improves efficiency in company document storage allowing considerable savings in time, costs and resources, enhancing an environmentally-oriented attitude.

E@scribo is the ideal solution for data collection in mobility. It can be easily used by anyone, even by those without technical knowledge.

In all cases where it is necessary to fill out and sign forms or contracts and where paper and digital document traceability is required.

Public administrations and governments, banks and insurances, maintenances and repairs, testing, maritime and airports, logistics, healthcare, constructions, trade organizations, communications and events management, education….