Compilare, Validare, Firmare… Spedire!

Escribo: l’unico device che ti permette di digitalizzare e inviare in tempo reale qualsiasi modulo, check-list e contratto compilato su carta e in copia singola.

Advanced electronic signature

Avoid all paper copies required for company’s archiving. Users implement only one copy paper to be signed!

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Real Time Access

  • Input default templates also remotely
  • Interface of OCR/ICR software for numbers and check-boxes
  • Interface with data storage and document archiving software
  • How does it work

    Metal clip to hold
    paper and documents
    with A4 size or less

    USB 2.0 Port,
    Audio Jack 3.5mm,
    SD Card Slot 32 Gb

    2,5″ Touchscreen
    Display with quick commands

    2 USB 2.0 Ports
    for Internet Key,
    Wi-Fi or Storage

    Remote management through Web Portal

    • Remote control individual devices or groups of devices
    • Configuring security parameters
    • Traceability remotely documents
    • Configuring user controls
    • Remote management of the sim-card

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    Flyer E@scribo

    Brochure E@scribo

    Flow Chart E@scribo

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